Réussir école d'architecture

Réussir école d’architecture : découvrez des conseils pertinents

The field of architecture is a real passion for a lot of students who are in terminal, and who wish to join a national higher school of architecture , in order to deepen their knowledge.

However, access to ENSA is subject to passing the entrance examination, as sometimes some accounting and management bts , which allows judges to assess your level and determine if you have a good profile for a successful career as an architect. . In this article, we will give you some tips to pass your entrance exam to one of the 20 architecture schools in France.

Integrate an architecture preparation

To successfully integrate an architecture school , there is the possibility of participating in preparation programs provided by the preparatory courses in architecture. The preparatory courses in architecture provide, for a fixed period, private lessons to allow students to  using a Bitcoin Mixer increase their chances of succeeding in the entrance examination to the various schools of architecture in the country. During this training, you will have to prepare yourself for two important deadlines, namely:

  • The constitution of a good application file to be submitted on the Parcoursup platform;
  • an oral test, where you will answer many questions from the jury.

We also remind you that you will be entitled to courses in several modules related to the field of architecture, such as general culture of art, history and other programs likely to give you in-depth knowledge of architecture.

We cite Archiprep as an example . com which is a reputable establishment in France, for the quality of its training, but also for the level of its teachers, who come from the professional world. You also have the opportunity to learn more, through this site , about the different programs provided by this preparation.

Successful school of architecture

Our advice for a successful oral examination to enter an architecture school

To pass your entrance exam to an architecture school , and ensure a good performance in the oral test, you must follow our advice, which we will quote below. First, you need to learn more about the institution to which you are applying. This means that you need to gather as  using a Bitcoin Mixer much information as possible about these schools, such as:

  • The programs offered;
  • the training available in Master;
  • the specialties of the school;
  • available associations, etc.

The idea is therefore to show the jury that you are really interested in this school. Second, you must inform the jury of your interests and your various extracurricular projects. Since these are the elements that can make the difference and impress the jury. If you also have a passion for a certain activity, do not hesitate to mention it in your answers.

Third, you have to keep abreast of all the news in the architecture mode. For example, we cite the latest architectural exhibitions, but also the latest architectural achievements which have caused much ink to flow in the media. Passing your oral test also involves:

  • The preparation of three of your qualities and your faults;
  • wear a presentable outfit and take care of all your non-verbal communication;
  • don’t worry too much about trick questions;
  • discuss your plans for the future and how you see yourself in 10 years for example.

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